Mitt Romney On Immigration: A Video History

Zig. Zag. Zig. He’s hoping Florida voters, and Hispanics in November, will buy the kinder, gentler Mitt.

Mitt Romney on immigration in 2005.
Romney: “Those who are here illegally should seek the establish themselves as legal residents.”
Questioner “How do you do that?”
Romney: “You go home and apply for residency just like everyone else. Period. No special pathway. You should not be accomodated with a special pathway for breaking the law.”

Romney in South Carolina in 2007 on the A Visa.

Two weeks later in Florida.

Romney, speaking in support E-verify in December 2007 says anyone with an accent could be an illegal.

Mitt Romney for President 2008 ad on Romney’s record on illegal immigration.

Romney for President 2008 ad on illegal immigration.

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