Meet Derrick Bell

BuzzFeed earlier today posted video of a young Barack Obama speaking at a 1991 rally backing Professor Derrick Bell’s call for diversity on Harvard Law School’s tenured faculty, and Breitbart.com has promised more video on the theme. Here’s an introduction to Bell, a controversial academic figure who argued that questions or race and power should be central to the law. His criticism at times extended to other African-American academics, and remarked controversially at one point that “the ends of diversity are not served by persons who look black and think white.” Here are five videos of Bell, who died last October.

1. Derrick Bell Profile by the University of Arizona

2. Derrick Bell on racism in the age of Obama.

3. Derrick Bell says white people have a sense of entitlement about being white.

4. Derek Bell: Advice to young African Americans.

5. Derrick Bell in 1991 on racism in America.

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