Jeb Bush On Tanking Favorability: “Hell If I Know, I Don’t Really Care”


Jeb Bush says he doesn’t really care that his favorability with Republicans has dropped almost 30 points since launching his presidential campaign.

In July, when the former Florida governor was still the front-runner for the Republican nomination, his favorability was at +27. As the campaign has dragged on, that number has sank to minus one, according to the latest Gallup poll.

When asked about the decline on NewsMax Now Friday, Bush said, “Hell if I know, I don’t really care.”

“I’m focused on these early states where my numbers are much better and I’m gonna earn this nomination in a way that will draw people towards are cause,” Bush continued. “And I do sense that people are taking it seriously now. Both in Iowa and New Hampshire people make decisions really late.”

“It’s a really interesting process and the more I get in front of people and express my conservative views, and the proven record I have, and the detail plans I have I seem to be doing better,” he added.

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