How To Successfully Ruin Al-Qaeda’s Day On Twitter

J.M. Berger, an analyst and consultant on al-Qaeda and extremist groups as well as author of the book Jihad Joe: Americans Who Go to War in the Name of Islam, successfully launched an effort to troll jihadists who were using a hashtag to solicit media tips on Twitter.

According to terrorism and extremism expert J.M. Berger, al-Qaeda was using this hashtag to solicit ideas for media ops.

Via Twitter: @intelwire

The hashtag translates to “suggestions for the development of jihadi media,” Berger said.

Via Twitter: @intelwire

After soliciting help, the jihadist hashtag was overtaken with people sending tweets mocking the hashtag’s original purpose.

Some on the hashtag were not so happy it was being trolled.

Via Twitter: @gdslooptadhi

Berger later thanked everyone for helping out.

Via Twitter: @intelwire

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