Here’s How TV News Covered Gosnell Before The Trial Started

The media first covered the issue when Gosnell was arraigned in 2011.

1. CNN: 6 segments

CNN first covered the Gosnell on CNN Newsroom on January 19th and then followed up with coverage on January 20th, the 22nd, the 25th, February 9th and February 15th.

2. Fox News: 3 segments

Fox News first covered Gosnell on January 20th on Special Report and then followed up with more coverage on January 21st. Bill O’Reilly covered it on January 27th.

3. MSNBC: 3 segments

MSNBC covered Gosnell first on Jansing and Company on January 20th, then again on January 21st on First Look and then again MSNBC News Live on January 23rd.

4. CBS: 2 segments

CBS covered the story on CBS Evening News on January 19th. They followed up the next morning on CBS Morning New.

5. ABC: 1

ABC covered the Gosnell case on ABC World News on January 20th 2011.

CORRECTION: MSNBC covered the Gosnell case three times. A previous version of this post misstated the number. (4/12/13)

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