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Hardline Anti-Immigration Reform Republican Strips Website Of References To Issue

Rep. Gary Miller, who has opposed "amnesty" and "anchor babies" is now evolving on the issue, his office says.

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Republican Rep. Gary Miller, one of the House's strongest opponents to immigration reform, appears to have scrubbed references to "amnesty" and other immigration issues from his congressional website.

Miller had previously pulled other harshly worded statements on the issue from the internet, including Youtube videos, and his office says he is evolving on the issue of immigration.

Miller's "legislative issues" page on his website previously contained 14 items including a page linking to views his views on immigration saying: "Congressman Miller believes we must reform our nation's failed immigration policies and do more to secure our borders, hold employers responsible for hiring illegal aliens, and allow local law enforcement officials to enforce immigration laws."

Now Miller's page only contains 13 items excluding the immigration link, and links to his immigration page come back dead.

Miller's immigration page on his website had read:"Congressman Miller firmly believes that respect for the rule of law is a core American value. Our government must send the message that the United States takes our immigration laws seriously and that people will be punished for illegally entering the country. He believes we must take an enforcement-first approach to solving our nation's immigration and border security problems rather than enacting amnesty plans, that would put illegals on a path to citizenship."

The page also highlighted Miller's efforts to "deny anchor babies citizenship."

Miller was redistricted recently and now represents the 31st district in California – a district that is half Latino and has 65% of constituents who have pledged support for immigration reform.

Miller's office told BuzzFeed in a statement yesterday:

"Congressman Miller agrees that our immigration system is badly broken and needs to be fixed. He believes in an immigration policy that promotes economic growth, strengthens public safety, and establishes a strong mandatory employment verification system to protect American jobs for American workers and eliminates the exploitation of unauthorized workers. Since January, over 30 groups and hundreds of individuals have visited our offices to discuss this complex and critical issue. Congressman Miller's position will continue to evolve as we continue to listen and gather input from residents, business leaders, and law enforcement officials to ensure that the needs of the Inland Empire are met."

According to Univision, Miller said earlier this year he no longer believed it was possible to deport everyone here illegally.

Screenshots of Miller's website as it appeared today, and before the deletions are below:

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