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Fox Host Claims All Nigerians Are Scammers And Iranians Feed Their Children To Dogs

He later clarified he was referring to FOREIGN Nigerians and Iranians, and not Americans descended from those nations.

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On Tuesday, Bob Beckel, a liberal commentator on The Five, discussed a new book by "Tiger Mom" Amy Chua, in which she claims some races excel over others in America.

Chua, who is a Yale law professor, listed Jews, Indians, Chinese, Iranians, Nigerians, Mormons, and Cubans among the groups most likely to succeed in the United States.

Beckel claimed Nigerians are "the greatest scam artists in the world" and "they must teach them to run scams and pickpocket people because they are very good at pickpocketing people."

Of Iranians, Beckel said, "Of course their kids are gonna pay attention, because if they don't they are gonna take them in back and feed them to dogs ... they scare 'em, the Iranians scare 'em, they're torturers. No wonder they are gonna pay attention ... not all of them, maybe some of them."

At the end of the program, Beckel clarified he just meant that Iranians fed their children to dogs OVERSEAS and Nigerians were scam artists OVERSEAS.

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