Creeping Sharia? Free Trump Tattoos Feature Prominent Islamic Symbol

Make Ameri☪a Great Again!

A local tattoo artist in New Hampshire is offering free tattoos of Donald Trump’s signature slogan, “Make America Great Again.”


“Trump is the only one that’s giving anybody any hope to do anything different in this country,” said Bob Holmes of Clay Dragon Tattoo.”

Here’s what the tattoos look like:

But wait! Look at the tattoo, that “C” in America looks very familiar. Where have I seen it before?


Yes, it looks just like the “Star and Crescent,” a symbol featured prominently in the Islamic world, including on the flags of Muslim-majority countries like Pakistan and Malaysia.


Pakistan’s flag (left), Malaysia’s flag (right)

The evidence is indisputable. Donald Trump’s campaign is a radical Islamo-fascist plot.

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