CNN Segment Asks If An American POW’s Return Is Comparable To "Homeland"

Homeland is a television show.

CNN did a segment Thursday asking if the situation surrounding the capture and return of American prisoner-of-war Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was similar to the hit show Homeland.

“I’m a little uncomfortable taking about a guy who was just released from real life captivity and the Taliban and a show that’s on TV,” said CNN host John Berman to contributor Sally Kohn. “However, a lot are talking about this fans of the show…including you.”

Kohn said she saw similarities between Bergdahl and the show.

“There’s interesting parallels certainly,” Kohn said. “One, no doubt is that the show originated in Israel and Israel had real-life experience with these prisoner swaps.”

“It’s like a Hollywood version of a story like this,” said fellow CNN host Michaela Pereira. “But it is so very important, speaking to your point, it’s so important to separate fact from fiction. Especially when you think that this is a real-life story that’s happening to this young man.”

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