8 Things That Have Happened Since Ed Markey Has Been In Congress

The Massachusetts Congressman won the Democratic primary for Senate tonight. Markey, who has been in Congress since 1976 has seen a lot come and go in his time there. He’d be one of the longest serving members of the House to ever win a Senate seat.

1. Six Star Wars movies have been released.

20th Century-Fox Film Corporation / AP

2. There have been five popes.

Pool / Reuters

3. There have been seven U.S. Presidents.

Mike Stone / Reuters

4. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has gone from 1,000 to almost 15,000.

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

5. There have been seven Batman movies.

Pool / Reuters

6. Rollerblades have been invented.

7. Lindsay Lohan has changed significantly.

8. There have been more than 5,000 episodes of Wheel of Fortune.

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