8 Headlines Showing Medicare’s Launch Was A Lot Smoother Than Obamacare’s

The popular entitlement program signed into law in 1965 by President Lyndon Johnson had a way more graceful start than the troubled launch of Obamacare.

1. “Medicare Gets Off To Easy Start”

Joseph News-Press

2. “Medicare Plan Has Smooth Opening Day”

Lodi News-Sentinel

“Smooth Here”

3. “Check On Medicare Shows Smooth Going”

The Desert News

4. “Smooth Medicare Start Seen”

St. Joseph News-Press

5. “17 Million Seniors Sign Up For Medicare Benefits”

The Evening Independent

“The Social Security Administration reported today that more than 17-million Americans — 90 per cent of those eligible — paid $3 each to sign up for Medicare benefits.”

6. “Objections To Medicare Few”

The Milwaukee Sentinel

7. “Enrolling In Medicare Not Difficult Matter”

The Spokesman-Review

8. “First Day of Medicare Is Smoother Than Anticipated”

Lawrence Journal-World

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