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11 Fascinating Doodles JFK Drew During The Cuban Missile Crisis

Two nations on the brink of war.

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1. "OAS" "OAS" "OAS"

OAS is short for "Organization of American States," a New World organization that consists of the states of the Americas and was formed for the purpose of multi-state cooperation on big issues. Kennedy received the approval of the OAS to blockade Cuba.


5. "U-2" "U-2" "U-2" "U-2"

JFK Presidential Library

The U-2 was the American spy plane that first noticed missiles had been placed in Cuba. The notes are dated Oct. 24. Just two days later, the Soviets would shoot down an American U-2 plane.

6. "Could you take up Guantanamo again please?"

JFK Presidential Library

The U.S. Naval base at Guantanamo Bay was reinforced with more Marines during the Crisis. Families of the military were evacuated as well.


10. "MRBM" "Time to get off 1-2 hours."

JFK Presidential Library

MRBM is short for "medium-range ballistic missile." The American U-2 spy plane had photographed MRBMs over Cuba, igniting the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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