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  • Why It’s Time To Get #SingForNicole Trending Again

    On May 3, 2014, Nicole Wilson passed away from complications of Type 1 Diabetes. over the following weeks, millions of people around the world heard all about the story of her life and the dream her family had to get One Direction to dedicate their song “Story of My Life” to Nicole at their concert in Dallas on August 24th. Here’s how to help make that dream, and more, come true:

  • Why #SingForNicole Is About More Than Any Of Us Originally Thought

    It started with a simple Twitter post from Nicole Wilson’s older sister hoping to have One Direction dedicate a song to her sister, who passed away from complications of her Type 1 diabetes. Over night, it turned into the #1 trending topic in the US on Twitter, had raised enough money for 5 children to go to Camp Sweeney in Nicole’s honor, had hundreds of thousands of people becoming involved with #SingForNicole, but it has developed into more than any of us ever thought and here is how:

  • Why #SingForNicole Must Happen

    Nicole Wilson was a 15-year-old beautiful young girl from Plano, TX that passed away on May 3rd, 2014 from complications from Type 1 diabetes. Nicole attended Camp Sweeney, a diabetes camp in North Texas for 9 years and was set to spend her 10th summer there this summer. She was an avid One Direction fan that dreamed for them to one day play a song for her. This post is about why they should.

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