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38 Things Minnesotans Are Too Nice To Brag About

Gosh darnit, Minnesota, you've got a lot to be proud of. So go ahead and toot your own horn!

Welcome to Minnesota...

Where everyone is nice.

You know what? Screw it.

Minnesota's got some bragging to do...

1. Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan, "Girl from the North Country"

2. The Hockey Haircut

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Here's YouTuber Pulltabproductions11's annual ranking of the best hairstyles at the Minnesota high school hockey tournament.

3. Red Wing Shoes

4. Duck Duck Gray Duck

5. Bundt Cake

6. Zubaz

7. Jucy Lucy

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Just look at that oozing cheese.

8. The Shopping Mall

9. Jessica Biel

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10. Scotch Tape

11. Post-It Notes

12. 1980 Miracle On Ice

13. Betty Crocker

14. Theater

15. F. Scott Fitzgerald

16. Tater Tot Hotdish

17. Warming Houses

18. The Coen Brothers

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19. The Best Breakfast Cereal

20. The Mighty Ducks

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21. Target

22. Funfetti

23. Amy Adams

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24. The Mayo Clinic

25. Praire Home Companion and Garrison Keillor

26. Fun In The Snow

27. And Hilarious Snow Jokes

28. The Winningest Coach In College Football History

29. Best Buy

30. Lakes, Year-Round

31. Honeycrisp Apples

32. Judy Garland

33. Beautiful Butter Sculptures

34. The Mighty Mississippi

35. Biking

36. The Perfect Bloody Mary

37. Eternal Optimism

38. Prince

Prince, "When You Were Mine"

Prince, "Darling Nikki"