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    Apr 11, 2014

    This Is What Happens When People Confess Their Deepest Insecurities To A Secret Two-Way Mirror

    "You're better than who you think you are. And you're enough just the way you are."

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    We asked people to look in a mirror and describe what they saw. What they didn't know was that there were strangers on the other side giving their first impressions.

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    They opened up about some of their deepest insecurities, talking about the things they feel most self-conscious about in their daily lives.

    But the gaps between what they saw and what the strangers saw were pretty striking.

    It was like two completely different people were being described. What mattered to the people looking into the mirror just wasn't important to the strangers on the other side.

    A few days later the participants came back in and we played them footage of the strangers' first impressions. They were pretty surprised by what they heard.

    And they ended up deciding that maybe, just maybe, we should all be kinder to ourselves.