Stealth Halloween Costume: Black Light Makeup

Here’s a guide for using glow-in-the-black-light makeup that will surprise (and could really freak out) your friends.

2. This is the final product. Scroll down for a step-by-step photo guide.

3. Step 1: Apply primer to your eyelids.

4. Step 2: Using liquid liner, create a cat eye look.

5. Step 3: Mix the black light makeup powder with moisturizer or vaseline.

8. Step 4: Outline the cat eye with black light makeup.

9. Step 5: Apply a layer of black light makeup under your eyebrows.

10. Step 6: Paint the black light makeup on the tip of your nose.

11. Step 7: Line your bottom lip with the black light makeup.

12. Step 8: Draw whiskers on each cheek.

14. Step 9: Add a couple of dots right above the whiskers to up the cat factor.

16. Step 10: Create black light eyelashes, using mixing medium…

17. and the black light powder.

19. Step 11: Apply the black light eyelashes.

21. And there you go!

22. Happy Halloween!!

Note: you can find black light makeup at costume, party, and makeup stores, or available for purchase at a variety of places online. For this video, Peggy wears Makeup Forever’s Fluo Night.

— Video by Andrew Gauthier; makeup by Peggy Wang.

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