Parker Posey Backstage At Westminster Dog Show

Living out her Best In Show role. And it was her first time attending!

1. Backstage at the Westminster dog show…

2. Dogs getting ready for the main event.

5. Definitely reminds you of “Best In Show.”

7. Wait, isn’t that Parker Posey, the star of the movie??

9. It totally is!

10. This was Parker’s first time at the Westminster dog show.

11. She walked around backstage, checking out the competitors.

12. She made good eye contact with this Russell terrier.

13. And checked out this cairn terrier.

14. She approved of this Border terrier.

15. But she fell in love with the Old English sheepdog.

18. And then the sheepdog got second place!

20. And Parker applauded.

Taking her seat before the Best in Show round, Parker admitted that it felt weird experiencing the event in real life.

23. “I’ll buy you all the busy-bee toys you want.”

All photos from Westminster by BuzzFeed’s Andrew Gauthier.

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