Meet Everyone’s Favorite Dog At Westminster

Swagger won over our hearts, even though he didn’t win Best in Show.

1. Backstage at the Westminster Dog Show…

2. There were a ton of cute dogs.

5. But one stood out…

6. Swagger, the Sheepdog.

And he was totally chill about the attention.

7. Everybody wanted to ask Swagger’s handler questions.

And Swag’s handler was really cool. He took time to chat with everyone (and subtly show off his tattoos).

8. And Parker Posey fell in love with him.

10. Then it was showtime.

12. And the crowd went wild!

Mike Segar / Reuters

14. People in the stands kept yelling “Give it to the sheepdog.”

Mike Segar / Reuters

15. “Give it to the big guy!”

Mike Segar / Reuters

16. But when the judging concluded…

17. Swagger was awarded 2nd Place.

19. Oh well…

John Moore / Getty Images

20. We still love you.

Can I call you Big Swag?

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