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This Ultimate Burger Dog Will Slay Your Entire Life

Hot dogs have never looked so good!

If you're ever bored with the usual grilled hot dog, this cheese-stuffed burger dog is totally the perfect alternative!

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Here's what you need:

Makes 5-6 burger dogs.

- 2 lbs ground beef

- 1 block of cheddar cheese

- Salt and pepper

- Hot dog buns

- Your favorite condiments

First, slice cheese into sticks (about the same size as string cheese).

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Then, season your ground meat for taste. Next, you want to split the meat into 5-6 palm sized balls. Flatten each ball out into a rectangle and place a cheese stick toward the bottom. Finally, roll it up to completely conceal the stick of cheese.


Now that the rolls are ready, you wanna lay those soon-to-be burger dogs on the grill and breathe in the precious scent of happiness.

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Grill for 6-10 minutes, turning the dogs when charred grill marks appear on a side.

For safety: turn it about 3 or 4 turns... or more to insure even cooking around each dog.

When your burger-dog starts to do this magical thing...

BuzzFeedVideo / Via Facebook: buzzfeedtasty ~should~ be ready and you should be salivating.

Serve on hot dog buns and spread your fave condiments on it and SLAY your mouth.

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Just divine.

BuzzFeedVideo / Via Facebook: buzzfeedtasty