21 NYC Businesses Open Despite Hurricane Sandy

The subway may be closed but Subway is still open.

1. 1. Tropical Restaurant

With outdoor seating.

2. 2. Massage Parlor

4. 3. Halloween Superstore

5. 4. Sex Shop

7. 5. Head Shop

And they’re hiring!

9. 6. Hat Store

11. 7. Candy Store

13. 8. Cupcake Bakeries

Fun fact: this is the cupcake place where Amanda Bynes recently locked herself in the bathroom for two hours.

For getting rid of cabin fever.

18. 10. Dry Cleaners

It seems like every dry cleaner in Manhattan stayed open on Monday.

20. 11. The Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant in NYC

Hope they tie down their fruit.

23. 12. Subways

24. 13. Thrift Store

25. 14. Nut Store

Surprised that a nut store is open, period.

26. 15. Laundromats

And people were doing laundry.

28. 16. Mattress Stores

Okay, so this specific location wasn’t open but now you can get 10% off.

30. 17. Liquor Stores

And this one was pretty busy.

32. 18. Nail Salons

33. 19. Famous Music Studio

(Electric Lady Studios was built by Jimi Hendrix and a ton of famous musicians have recorded there).

35. 20. Gay Bars

Hurricane party!

37. 21. Zoltar

Wishing everyone stays safe.

All photos were taken on Monday afternoon around Manhattan.


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