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    1 Man + 12 Long Hairstyles

    Long hair, don't care.

    Who says that girls have to have all the fun? BuzzFeed's Top Knot and hair extraordinaire, Gina Atkinson, gave one man 12 hairstyles for his long locks.

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    1. Tease up the top section of a messy bun to create the Pomp Bun.

    2. Get your LOTR on with an unfinished braid to create the Braided Legolas.

    3. Combine a mini top knot and a French braid along the crown of your head for the Hipster Tease.

    4. If your feelin' more ~caj~, throw all your hair up into a Low-Key Braid Bun.

    5. Add some pizzazz to your manbun by adding a French braid to the back of your head. Voila, you have the Secret Braid Bun.

    6. Tightly weave two french braids along each side of your head and join them together in a messy bun for the Braided Bookends.

    7. Get a little more badass with the Braided Undercut by adding a few more French braids to the sides, and throwing everything up in a bun.

    8. After making a middle part, braid the two sections to create a look that would make Willie Nelson proud. *joint optional*

    9. Get a little cutesy with the Princess Bun by braiding two sections of hair and pinning them into a bun.

    10. If you're feeling nostalgic, slick back your locks into a low ponytail and become the '90s Action Villain you've always dreamed of.

    11. Nothing can ever be too crazy, and the Mohawk + Braids proves that. Tease your hair from your crown to the back of your neck and French braid both sides.

    12. Add an extra braid to the Princess look for a fantastic Hawkeye Braid.

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