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Pup Hit By Car, Found By Concerned Animal Lover - Emergency Vet Says Pay Me

This is Sheila, a chihuahua that was hit by a car. My friend and her boyfriend were driving when they noticed a dog lying on the side of the road. They backed the car up and her boyfriend yelled "Babe, she's still alive." My friend comforted the pup in her arms until they arrived at the Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin where they were promptly told "we won't look at a stray until someone claims financial responsibility for it." NOT WHAT THEIR WEBSITE SAYS.

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This is Sheila in my friend's arms on the way to the emergency clinic.

The Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin (NORTH) refused to treat a dog hit by a car, found on the street and brought in to the clinic by a concerned animal lover.

They told my friend (without any compassion I might add) that they would not treat the animal until someone took "financial responsibility" for the cost to treat the pup. They called another facility to see if they would treat the "stray" (that's what they described it as) but with no luck. Meanwhile, the little chihuahua, named Sheila, continued to shake from pain and distress while my friends tried to find someone who would care for her.

I for one, cannot stand to see an animal suffer. I have a huge problem with how the Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin handled this situation. The hospital's policies regarding lost or injured pets are written clearly via a link on their homepage. Nowhere does it mention anything about "financial responsibility." Based on the options given by the facility, they may as well have said "put the pup back on the side of the road."

I'm appalled at how anyone in the field of animal care could show blatant disregard for a suffering animal and offer absolutely no help whatsoever.

Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin (NORTH)

12034 Research Boulevard

Austin, TX 78759

(512) 331-6121

(512) 501-3916

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