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Updated on Apr 27, 2020. Posted on Nov 26, 2019

13 Things To Gift This Holiday Season That Are Fancy Yet Affordable

Something for everyone on your list. Or, you know...yourself.

1. A gourmet hot sauce that's made with organic ingredients, vegan, gluten-free, and flat out delicious.

Get it from Truff for $17.98.

2. A colorful citrus juicer that'll brighten even the gloomiest winter days.

Get it from Amazon for $19.88.

3. A fiddle leaf fig that'll grant anyone who can keep it alive the ultimate in plant ownership bragging rights.

Get it from The Sill for $29.

4. A pair of plush knitted slippers for shuffling around the house, trying to find where all the presents are hidden.

Get them from Muji for $15.

5. A super-soft, silky eye mask to wear for long flights and disco naps.

Get it from for $18.

6. An LED lightbox to customize with quotes, song lyrics, or the World's Most Elaborate Grocery List.

Get it from Walmart for $22.85.

7. A reusable bottle gift bag because wine deserves to be cozy, too.

Get it from Filson for $14.

8. A leather cord trap to wrap and tidy all those new electronics.

Get it from Rustico for $20.

9. Some ultra-hydrating sheet masks to stay dewy well beyond the first frost.

Get it from Sephora for $6.

10. A jar of elevated sea salt to amp up the flavors of favorite holiday dishes or the rims of favorite margarita glass.

Get it from CAP Beauty for $22.

11. A floating wireless speaker that's portable and pool-friendly.

Get it from Need Supply for $40.

12. A perfectly tanned leather pot handle to put on a perfectly seasoned cast-iron skillet.

Get it from Best Made for $22.

13. A moisturizing face cream to help face the elements and the new year.

Get it from Glossier for $35.

A holiday gift guide that's refined without going over budget? You truly love to see it.

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