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15 Reasons To Love Brandi From "The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills"

Some people hate Brandi. Those people are wrong.

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1. Her beauty.

2. Brandi is all about fitness.


3. She's got standards when it comes to sexting.

4. Her honesty. She calls it like she sees it.


5. She stands by her statements.


6. She's accommodating.


7. #truth

8. She's relatable. We all ask this question sometimes.

9. She's willing to apologize.

10. She shows us how to set strong boundaries.


11. Sometimes, just f*ck it all.

12. She can admit when she is wrong, or out of line.

13. She has solutions.

14. She's not a bully.

15. TBH, Brandi is just an all around swell gal.


#TeamBrandi #RHOBH

Follow Brandi on Twitter here: @BrandiGlanville

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