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I Play A Trans Michelle Tanner On Fuller House

When it was initially announced that the Olsen Twins wouldn't be appearing on the Netflix series, "Fuller House," but that the character of Michelle would still have a presence on the show, I decided the only sensible replacement for the role was me -- a 6'2" male.

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The Idea Didn't Come to Me Right Away.

I was bored at work when somebody re-posted Bob Saget's IG from the table read, and I thought it might be funny to do a horrible photo-shopped version of it with my name. Maybe I could be one of Michelle's friends grown up, or the kid from the beginning of Jurassic Park who played "Duck Face" on one episode.

But I Decided to Go with Michelle Instead.

Because who the eff is going to believe that the Olsen Twins were replaced by a guy, right? Especially a guy who doesn't act or even have a verified Twitter account.

NOTE: The Fuller House Version of Me is a Complete Idiot.

2nd day on #FullerHouse. Michelle was always my least favorite character, but knowing her trans journey now has made me like playing her.

I Tried to Handle the Backlash

People ask me why they didn't cast a transgendered actor as the male Michelle, but it's not the most offensive thing Full House has done.

Even if It Meant Throwing the Original Under the Bus.

Like remember the OUTFITS on the original Full House? And the Uncle Jesse music video? #FullerHouse

It's Hard to Explain when Michelle Made His Discovery.

People ask me when Michelle knew she was a man, and it was probably after the horse accident or something. #FullerHouse

REMEMBER: My personal account and this entire stunt became a satire of a self-important actor who thought that he represented a culture he had zero business speaking for, in a show that approached a trans character in the way it would have in the late 80s.

My Michelle is Very Millennial.

Great first day of filming at #FullerHouse. Taking some liberties with Michelle. They let me change it to, "You got it, bae."

I Still Get Starstruck.

Lori Loughlin wants to get happy hour drinks with me later like literally what is my life #FullerHouse

Even Though Michelle is Male Now, We Stay True to the Original Character.

Today on #FullerHouse we shot a scene where Michelle does something selfish and nobody gives a shit. I love my job.

Fans Started Including Me as a Member of the Cast.

Fuller House is going to be so amazing I'm so excited! @bobsaget @LoriLoughlin @JohnStamos @candacecbure @DaveCoulier @AndrewBriedis

Friends Gave Support.

Please follow @AndrewBriedis to witness his incredible journey playing the transgendered Michelle on #FullerHouse.

Until She Deleted Her Tweets.

what kind? are there nuts? I'm allergic to all nuts, except macadamias (it's in my rider which I'm sure you've seen)

but links never die.

Needless to Say, After That, I Needed a Break.

OOOF. Rough day at #FullerHouse both on screen and onLINE. Can't wait to grab drinks with Lori and just relax.

FUN FACT: I Live in New York, But Can Shoot in LA at the Same Time.

If you're wondering how I Periscoped w @TheBabyGuyNYC in NYC and filmed #FullerHouse in the same night u forgot I replaced the Olsen TWINS.

And I Love My Cast!

Last night at the #FullerHouse wrap party I got so drunk I made Bob, Dave, and Stamos sing "Teddy Bear" to me before I passed out.

Then This Literally Happened.

Last night at a bar someone recognized me as Michelle from #FullerHouse. Only 2 weeks into production and we're already changing lives.

It's Important to Me that Michelle has Layers.

Blasting Yellowcard in my dressing room at #FullerHouse. A 2015 Michelle is an ANGSTY Michelle.

Afterall, Angst is How I Got the Role.

People ask me all the time, "What was your audition for Michelle in #FullerHouse like?" Sixteen bars of "Boston" by Augustana. #bookedit

Sometimes it's Hard Being the New Guy.

The entire cast of #FullerHouse is reminiscing about the original Comet rn and it's just really weird for me.

And Sometimes it's Not!

First day off at #FullerHouse. Getting brunch at The Grove with Lori and Andrea. Love being one of the "girls."

People Got Concerned I was Being Replaced.

Thrilled they are in talks to do pre op flashbacks of Michelle. Sad we can't have any scenes together. #FullerHouse

but it's Netflix, so obviously there are going to be flashbacks.

It's Fun Doing Research.

I Have a Responsibility.

Back on set at #FullerHouse after a relaxing hiatus week. It felt wrong taking a break, because society has offered Michelle so few.

What I Do as Michelle is Important.

They told me to hit my mark, but Michelle knows no boundaries. He's been through so much. Take three, here we go. #FullerHouse

Playing this Role is a Privilege.

I usually don't get to play outside my type but I consider playing Michelle a great honor. Let's shed light on history. #FullerHouse

Still, I Can't Let All this Go to My Head.

because irl, I am not Michelle. We are all Michelle. And I'm also just a boy, standing in front of the Internet, asking it to love him.



If you thought this entire thing was going to end after the initial publication of this post, you clearly have no idea how much time I have on my hands...

This Article Found its Way to Lori Loughlin

.andrewbriedis your portrayal of Michelle is so multilayered. Keep up the good work. πŸ˜‰ @BuzzFeed

Lori. Loughlin.

Thanks Lori! it's such an honor working with you when are we getting drinks again


@AndrewBriedis @BuzzFeed drinks right after you kill it with your performance in front of the live audience. πŸ‘#dude

I Played it Cool.

.@LoriLoughlin @BuzzFeed #yougotitbae πŸ‘

It Hurt My Feelings.

mean things are being said to me online rn about #fullerhouse but it's nothing compared to Michelle's struggle. he gives me strength.

I Was Able to Ignore the Negativity and Stay Topical.

Mondays are hard, but not as hard as trying to explain to the powers that be at #FullerHouse why Michelle wouldn't have a man bun.

I'm Not Afraid to Fight for What's Right.

man buns/top knots are a thing of Michelle's past. it's not who he is anymore. i wish #fullerhouse would respect that

Even if it Means Demanding Script Changes.

this is the #fullerhouse scene I've been fighting all day. michelle deserves better.

My Fuller House Pre-Screen Got Leaked

View this video on YouTube

When they were first auditioning me, they didn't have a script, so they had me read sides from the original Full House's series finale.

After We Wrapped, I Looked to the Future

I think what excites me most about playing Michelle on #FullerHouse is the Golden Globes.

one of the most thrilling things about being Michelle on #FullerHouse is the Hallmark Holiday movie I'll probz be doing next year.

As The Series Premiere Approached I Made Sure to Explain Why Michelle Was Absent From Press Materials

I was not included in the #FullerHouse trailer because they don't want to give the good stuff away.

I Did Get My Hands On An Earlier Trailer Tho

Really excited that @netflix finally chose to release the #fullerhouse trailer that includes ME.

And Netflix Was Kind Enough To Release One Press Photo That Included Me

#FullerHouse photos revealed! Michelle prefers to stay out of it when the girls are having an argument.

Despite That, I Was Still A Bit Nervous About My Future With The Show

The #FullerHouse trailer came out and I don't want to be an alarmist but there's a CHANCE the trans Michelle scenes didn't test well.

That Didn't Stop Me From Supporting My Fellow Cast Members

so happy I made it to #nyfw so I could support my #sister, candace cameron bure. #fullerhouse

And Despite My Paranoia Of Being Cut, I Still Managed To Make It Into The Final Social Media Images

With Or Without Me, February 26th Was Coming And The Critical Response Was Unnecessarily Harsh

Fuller House is uncomfortable & mildly offensive in a way that’s not always easy to quantify

The Day of The Show Finally Arrived And I Slept Through It

Hosted a HUGE #FullerHouse premiere party last night and passed out before I could watch! Can't wait to start live tweeting with the world.


But Once I Was Awake I Was Ready For Some Mundane Live Tweeting Of Streaming Shows That Currently Plagues Our Society


I Found A Way To Explain My Way Out Of The Pilot That Featured Literally Everyone

Great first episode of #FullerHouse! Proud of my family. I knew my scene was cut because they wanted my arc to start on episode 4.

The Tanner family explains that Michelle is working in New York and then they do a long take at the camera. My concept for this entire stunt rested on the premise that Fuller House wanted to incorporate trans culture into the show, but had no idea how to execute even the simple details correctly (i.e. changing Michelle's name and pronouns). If you think this is a crazy idea, remember that Stephanie began Fuller House with a British accent that quickly went away after smelling Kimmy's feet.

After Six Months Of Waiting, It Was Finally Time



wait no something is wrong #FullerHouse

When The World Finds Out You Got Fired In Real Time



I'm on the phone with my agent rn this is so effed up #FullerHouse

Apparently they "went another direction" and NOBODY TOLD ME. #FullerHouse

i still can't believe this is happening it's like I'm in some sick nightmare #FullerHouse

Some Parting Words

I Tried To Justify My Firing

I was like, "Guys, don't name the show after a dead character. That darkness will color the entire series." #FullerHouse

You Have To Stand By Your Actions

It's a shame but whatever. That's show business. Speaking your mind can ruin you but I'm proud of what I've said and done. #FullerHouse

In Spite Of Everything, It Was Important To Me That I Made One Final Statement



Thank you to everyone involved with Fuller House who has seen this article and embraced it with a kick ass sense of humor, and not by issuing me a cease and desist letter. This joke-turned-social-media-performance-art-piece began because I was bored and didn't have anything to post on Instagram one summer afternoon. I am very thankful for the entertainment it brought me over the course of six months, and even more appreciative of all of the friends who humored me during it and the strangers who thought it was real. Most importantly, I am thankful for the kind members of the transgender community who contacted me to assist in making sure I walked this line thoughtfully.

Full House was as important to me as it was to most kids. Upon viewing the pilot for Fuller House, I was immediately turned back into that seven year old who was grounded on a Tuesday night and cried himself to sleep because he couldn't watch his favorite show. I am so happy we live in a world where Kimmy Gibbler is still on TV. What a time to be alive.

See you next season,

Andrew Briedis

j.k this is the end.

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