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RE: BuzzFeed APPLICATION: Why I Have Given Up All Hope On Frank Ocean's New Album

I've drowned in my own Ocean of sorrow.

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Frank it's been a long tome coming.

It was July 31st, 2015. I had risen from my bed like I always did and instantly checked Twitter to see if my prayers had finally been answered. Could it be that Frank Ocean would deliver on his promise and his album would be within my grip? To my dismay, there was nothing. I had not felt this same emptiness since my father left me to go "buy cigarettes." I, like many other fans, felt betrayed. However, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I believed that he would at least tell us why he was putting off the release — yet there was nothing. Sadness began to seep into my soul, and I had no idea how I was going to survive. There were only so many times I could listen to Channel ORANGE or Nostalgia ULTRA before I felt like an addict. Channel ORANGE, to me, was a perfect album. The song "Pyramids" got me into college and got me my first girlfriend. I started to believe that I needed to get a therapist in order to help me with this situation, but I had to realize it was all in my head. He is just a person, I continued to tell myself; he will come out with the album whenever he felt it was right. Then, came the Twitter Trolls.

It seemed like every week there was a new Twitter post confirming that the album was coming out on a particular day. People got their hopes up, and even I, despite being strong-willed, ached to believe it. Yet, we were all once played—yet again. Artists, producers, barbers, and more all spoke of news of the album coming soon, and yet, it is now halfway into 2016, and there is no album in sight. I have given up.

I have given up because I realize that I am putting too much faith into something that I have no control of. Frank, like us, is just a human being — yes one with a godly voice, but at the end of the day, a human being. He has to live his life, have new experiences, create new melodies and stories before we can get whatever masterpiece he is cooking. I have given up because Frank is probably just trolling us, and he never even intended to give us this album. He, like Lauryn Hill, may have decided that we are only capable of handling Channel ORANGE and nothing more. But maybe he's right; maybe we don't deserve what he has planned for us. I have given up because it is not healthy for me or anyone else on /r/FrankOcean to be this thirsty for anything! People analyze every sentence, word, and punctuation choice that others say and write and try to conjure up conspiracies of when the album will drop as if they are investigating the Illuminati! I GIVE UP!!!

So, Frank, take your time. Release the album when you're ready, or don't release it at all. I no longer care. I will forever be a fan, but it's a Bad Religion to love someone (or something) that doesn't love you back. So, Francis Ocean, whenever you decide to Swim back to us, we'll be there, but until then, I'm Good. I will no longer take these L's. I will no longer believe these Twitter posts. I JUST WON'T! So, Frank, do you! Cause, I'm going to do me.

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