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7 Unheard Confessions By Shah Rukh Khan That Make Him Hella Relatable

Same. Me IRL. ME.

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1. The first thing Shah Rukh does when he gets home is take off his pants.

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Which is super fair, because pants are the worst. "I just take the lower part of my clothes off because invariably I don’t like wearing anything else apart from jeans, and when I’m doing films I’m either wearing pants and suits or stuff like that."


4. He likes to carry his own food with him wherever he goes, because he might not like the food present at the place he's at.

"I’m very spoilt. Wherever I go I have my food along with me which is very simple, like grilled chicken, sprouts and salad."

5. He's pretty obsessed with Pokémon.


"I followed it about three months ago, I was heavily into Pokémon. I became World Pokemon champion and I beat everyone who was playing the game. I became completely obsessed."

7. And Shah Rukh loves when he gets appreciation for the work he does, and wants people to like him.


"My work is so dependent upon people who watch it and like me or dislike me and I still don’t get to meet them. So whenever I get the opportunity, I have this thing in my head, as many people as I can meet, as many people touch, as many people I can hug and say thank you to, in whatever way possible so I do it. I like people liking me."

Shahrukh Khan will appear on Vh1 Inside Access and the episode will air on Vh1 this Sunday at 8 p.m.