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    Posted on 24 Apr 2017

    20 Awesome, Weird, And Downright Awkward Times People Met Bollywood Celebrities

    It's chill. We've all been there.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their best, worst, and most embarrassing encounters with Bollywood celebrities. Here are some of their most fun and wonderful responses…

    Submitted by Vedanti Sharma via Facebook / Photo Credit: Viral Biyani

    2. "My family was at the Mumbai domestic airport and spotted Bobby Deol leaving the security line. My mum got so excited that she went up to him to ask for an autograph. Unfortunately, she didn't have any paper, so she ended up giving him a tissue (unused) but he didn't want to sign it. She then gave him my boarding pass and made him sign both sections in case the airport staff decided to tear one of the sections before entering the plane."

    Submitted by sashilu

    3. "Saif and Kareena are the sweetest people ever and so gracious. My friend spotted them, post his workout, coming out of a pub and ran to get hold of them. As he is a chatty person, he struck a conversation with the two when suddenly Saif asked if he wanted a picture. My friend didn't have a camera on him but he lived nearby so he asked them to wait as he ran upstairs to grab his camera and then made Saif take his picture with Kareena, and Kareena take his with Saif. And since he was right back from a workout, he was sweating and stinking so much that Kareena could not bear to stand close to him."

    Submitted by samairablack

    4. My brother and I ran into Anurag Kashyap at Kochi airport a year ago. My brother was the one who approached him, and he did so by asking him if he was Anurag Kashyap, even after we had established that he definitely was, but he was incredibly kind to us and didn't act as if he was hot shit. He had even given us a heads up on the project he was working on with Nivin Pauly, Moothon.

    Submitted by nikitaa4ab89dd60

    5. "I was saying goodbye to my family at Ahmedabad Airport when all of a sudden we saw a huge group of security officers. Soon after, Vidya Balan and Rani Mukerji walked right past us (probably on their way to promote No One Killed Jessica). Obviously we were all excited and waved at them both. Vidya was super nice and smiled and waved in our direction. Rani, on the other hand, just looked at us from head to toe, pursed her lips and kept on walking like she was better than us. Even though Rani's reaction wasn't what we thought, it was still an awesome experience!"

    Submitted by nshizzle

    6. "During the promotions of Teri Meri Kahaani, Priyanka and Shahid were in my city and I happened to know someone who was hosting them for a private press event. I was so excited because I used to be a big Shahid fan back then. After the press conference I excitedly walked up to Shahid to gift him a painting but he was so shy he just smiled and accepted the gift, signed my book and walked away. But Priyanka was so gracious she hugged me, chatted with me casually and we got so many pictures clicked by the paps. She was so sweet and I really feel she must be a wonderful human being in IRL."

    Submitted by NandiR


    7. "Over the summer, I searched really hard to find Priyanka Chopra even though I had to study for college acceptance exams and do an internship. I finally found her filming right by my parents' offices and sat there all day waiting. After making friends with security guards and Quantico staff, I finally got to meet her. It was surreal as she stepped out of her car and came to meet my friend and I. She took pictures with us and signed our magazines and then touched our cheeks with so much love. She kept thanking us for making the effort to come and we thanked her because we had been told she was super exhausted but you never would have known. It was such an amazing experience."

    Submitted by nycub1100

    8. "In the summer of 2012, we had gone to Singapore for a family vacation and it was the same weekend IIFA awards were being held there. So we were at some tourist spot waiting and I spot Ranbir Kapoor coming out of that place. I was starstruck and I whisper to my mother, 'look he is coming'. My brother ran and got a picture clicked and I couldn't even move. Till the time I tried to go and get picture clicked with him, his bodyguards came, and I couldn't but my brother did."

    Submitted by harsimrankaurk


    9. "I met Ranveer Singh while he was shooting for Kill Dil in Navi Mumbai. I was returning from an exam, when my friend called up and said there's some shooting going on near my place. I went there, curious to see what was happening. I asked the spot boy, and he told me it was Ranveer. I rushed home and changed into a nice dress. Luckily, I'd made a sketch of him (not too good, of course) which I carried with me. I went to to the place and struggled in the crowd to reach the first row of people. I saw Ranveer getting prepped for the shot. They took multiple shots after which the assistant director saw the sketch in my hand and told me I could go and meet Ranveer! I was so excited and was so so so nervous! I went to the makeshift tent and and I showed him the sketch. He smiled and signed it for me. He cupped my left cheek and I didn't wash it for a week!"

    Submitted by m42da9db9b

    10. "I think this was sometime in '09, I was in Mumbai visiting family and my cousins and I had gone to the movies. Javed Jaffrey was standing in front of me at the concession stand, and I was so confused I couldn't stop staring at his face. We engaged in some sort of hideously awkward staring contest for a good 2-3 minutes before he gave his order and bolted."

    Submitted by deekshal

    Submitted by Aneera

    12. "I live in Sydney and I bumped into Aamir Khan at the Sydney airport when he arrived here to learn tap dancing for Dhoom 3. I was suppose to pick up my grandparents, who were arriving on the same flight, since he is similarly built like my grandfather and wore a cap – my grandfather's staple accessory, I thought he was my grandfather and I pointed him out to my mum standing beside me, she however realised it was Aamir but then continued to shout "OMG THAT'S AAMIR KHAN!!" He looked so embarrassed and startled and every Indian in the area came up to get a photo. He was however, incredibly polite and stood to take pictures with as many people as he could."

    Submitted by anonymous.

    13. "Two words: Vidya Balan. Saw her in an airport just recently around the time of Kahaani 2. She hugged me and talked to me for at least five minutes even though her security guard people were telling her to kind of hurry. So sweet and genuine and such a fabulous experience. Never imagined I would would meet my favourite Bollywood actress while I looked like a bum (because airports), but it was totally worth it. Just as real in person as she is on screen."

    Submitted by 519neha519

    Nicky J Sims / Getty Images

    Submitted by anishp49b53976d

    15. "I met Dharmendra and his first wife when I was probably 10 years old. My dad's coworker is childhood friends with him and he was here to do a show. He was the sweetest man ever. He was picking up me and my siblings as if we were his grandkids, and talking to my father in Punjabi as if he were his friend. My dad then called his older sister for Dharmendraji to talk to and he happily did. Now we're Pakistani and he was just adhering to all our customs. As a 10 year old, it didn't make that much of a difference to me but now I see what a wonderful person he is."

    Submitted by Rumsha Sy via Facebook.

    16. "Met Vivek Oberoi when he was shooting Prince in Durban. He was walking from his caravan to the set and I asked him if I could take a photo with him. He was super nice and said he was rushing for the shot so I waited for him outside the set. When he was done he came out and I asked him how the shot was; he said it was fantastic, then "let's do this photo!". He was so sweet and asked one of the crew to take the pic, then wished me well saying it was nice to meet me before standing with a family with small kids to take photos with him. Still love him up till now, one of the most genuine celebs you'll probably ever meet."

    Submitted by Aradhna Krishna via Facebook.

    Shilpa Stanley

    17. "My sister and I spent our Christmas breaks in India this past year, and we were flying to Kochi from Mumbai. I unfortunately got sick before leaving Mumbai, and coupled with the Kerala heat and humidity, I was the definition of an absolute hot mess. We got off the plane and were waiting for the luggage to come through, and I couldn't help but to notice this lady who looked SO familiar waiting near us. I kept staring and staring, hoping I wouldn't be too obvious. As nervous as I was, I went up to her, and asked, "Excuse me, but are you Shenaz Treasury?" And with a smile she replied, "Yes!" We continued to talk while I left my dad and sister to fetch the luggage. She was explaining how she was in Kerala for the Christmas holidays as well, and we talked about her show, "Brown Nation" which I had finished watching before coming to India. Regardless of the fact that I looked like the plague, she still took a picture with me."

    Submitted by Shilpa Stanley

    18. "I met Ranveer Singh in 2015 while he was shooting for Bajirao Mastani. Well, I'm on a wheelchair and when he saw me, he kneeled down next to me and started asking about me, he even recited some of his lines from the movie in front of me. He then saw my phone and is like, "Holy shit, iPhone 6 Plus kya?" When I nodded my head, he's like, "Chalo chalo selfie time. I gotta see the quality." He took my phone and started posing with me, he even kissed my cheeks! He said I was pretty, gave me multiple hugs, and then said it was a pleasure meeting me and went back for shooting. He spent 10-15 minutes just chatting away with me. He's just SO full of life!"

    Submitted by Virali Modi via Facebook.

    19. "I met Sonam Kapoor and Richa Chaddha on same day standing in U.S. Consulate line for visa purposes in Mumbai. Sonam's got approved and Richa's got rejected."

    Submitted by Surabhi Mukherjee Sarkhel.

    20. "I had a huge crush on Arjun Kapoor after watching Gunday (I know, I'm sorry) and would not stop talking about him. Tanmay Bhat, who was close to Arjun after the roast, sent me this video on my birthday. The video was adorable and all but I can't believe he did it shirtless. He also send me another one on my next birthday so I guess we're best friends now."

    Submitted by Nirali Shah.

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