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Indian Women Revealed The Worst Things People Have Said About Their "Flaws"

"Hey, I agree that curves are in demand, but you don't need to develop extra ones out there."

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Yukti Bhagchandani, a Mumbai-based mass media student, recently did a photo project for class in which women stated a frequent criticism they hear about their bodies. "Young women around me are always heard complaining about their tiny bodily flaws and how they thought they were so far from being perfect in terms of their physical attributes," Bhagchandani told BuzzFeed.

"This wasn’t as much a result of self-scrutiny than it was the result of the kind of insensitive comments that were thrown at them, most of the times, in a manner of jokes, and not by men alone.

Through this project, I wanted to put across the message that our reasons for being unhappy about our bodies are more trivial than we think and we must first really learn to be grateful for being given a full body," Bhagchandani added.


4. "When I wore a headband to school for the first time, a friend from across the hall shouted out, 'Damn, your forehead is all that is visible in your entire face! You might want to cover that up with bangs'."


12. "When I was in school and my friends saw my birthmark for the first time, they got scared and started gasping. I ran to the bathroom as soon as I reached home that day and put soap on it and kept rubbing it till my skin turned red."

13. "One day I broke my tooth and stopped opening my mouth to laugh. Another day, I stopped looking at my face in the mirror when someone saw my pimples and commented, 'Pimples are a sign of a dirty mind you know!'"

Andre Borges is a social news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Mumbai.

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