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    16 Bollywood Stars Who Are Fighting To Save Net Neutrality In India

    Following Shah Rukh Khan's example, Sonakshi Sinha, Alia Bhatt, Arjun Kapoor, and many other Bollywood celebrities have joined the fight to save India's internet.

    In case you've missed it, the Indian internet is in the throes of a large and complicated debate over the future of net neutrality in India.

    Via Twitter: @redditindia

    If all of it sounds like made up gibberish to you, you can read an easy to understand explanation here.

    Comedy collective All India Bakchod released a video on Saturday in which they broke down the debate and argued that this is a battle every Indian internet user should be fighting with them.

    All India Bakchod / Via

    1. After AIB's video was released, a number of Bollywood celebrities started tweeting their support for India to maintain net neutrality. #SaveTheInternet”


    Come on India, you need to #SaveTheInternet, and here's why make ur click count #NetNeutralityIndia



    #SaveTheInternet push for net neutrality,Internet is a utility not a luxury



    Please give 30 seconds of your time to do this. #SaveTheInternet #NetNeutralityIndia


    Save the internet!!! Net neutrality is crucial !! Proud of you boyses!! @mojorojo @thetanmay @AllIndiaBakchod


    #SaveTheInternet. Let's do this! Well done @AllIndiaBakchod


    This is essential!Thank you @AllIndiaBakchod fr explaining it so damn well! we need #NetNeutrality #SaveTheInternet


    Is the Hindi media telling the people that their use of Whatsapp, Facebook and YouTube is being threatened? #NetNeutrality #SaveTheInternet


    We live in a unique country, where the government wants to make it easier for us to be looted EVERYDAY. #NetNeutrality #SavetheInternet


    Everyone needs to see this video



    #SaveTheInternet #SaveTheInternet #SaveTheInternet #SaveTheInternet #SaveTheInternet #SaveTheInternet 👈👍✌️


    Send TRAI your views, protect #NetNeutralityIndia and #SaveTheInternet - (I just did)


    Bad news about #SaveTheInternet is that a lot of you still think its not about you. IT IS!!! LISTEN UP!!! …

    Kudos to Bollywood for realising that this affects us all.

    Disney / Via

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