This Fan-Made Voldemort Origin Teaser Trailer Will "Rennervate" You The Fuck Up

    Someone has finally given us a look at what could have made the young wizard turn into the most powerful Dark Lord the world has ever seen.

    In the last 24 hours, people have been widely sharing this fan-made teaser trailer of a young Tom Riddle. The film, titled Voldemort: Origins Of The Heir, was written by Gianmarie Pezzato, and may be released this year by independent film company Tryangle Films.

    Although the film has nothing to do with Warner Bros., J.K. Rowling, or the ongoing Fantastic Beasts film franchise, the makers told BuzzFeed that the film will release on YouTube as per an agreement they have with Warner Bros.

    The fictionalised film starts off with what happened to Tom Riddle after graduating from Hogwarts and leaving his job at Borgin and Burkes.

    It also involves the investigation into the mysterious death of Hufflepuff heir Hepzibah Smith in 1943 that sparked the house elf scandal...

    Which Grisha Mac Laggen – heir of Gryffindor – believes Riddle is involved in.

    The short, one-minute teaser culminates in Riddle realising that Laggen is wise to his ways — and being ever ready to face her.

    The makers also released a longer trailer with A LOT more footage on YouTube (with the disclaimer that it isn't actually part of the shared Potter universe). But it has since been removed from their channel.

    Apart from Riddle and Laggen, several other characters from the Potterverse – although not yet seen in the trailer – will appear, including Grindelwald.

    Of course, Riddle's creation of all the horcruxes and his final transformation into the Dark Lord will also feature in the film.

    Even though the entire film looks fantastic and professional, like most fan fiction it won't ever become canon as Tom's backstory. Only Rowling gets to decide that.

    In any case, at least we have this to imagine how Tom Riddle eventually became Lord Voldemort.


    The trailer was uploaded to the Facebook page Voldemort Origins Of The Heir, but has since been deleted.