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This Is Not A Drill: Bangalore Streets Are Being Attacked By Weird Smelly Toxic Foam

Although it is a common occurrence during heavy rains, the foam from Bangalore's lakes have started spilling out on to the streets.

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Urine, faecal matter, and detergents are being cited as the cause of the foam.

People are confused and very unhappy with this snowy white substance that's adding to the hassle of their everyday lives.

Not Varthur Lake. This is Bellandur Lake! Same; pollution led foaming. Bangalore paying the price for 'development'.

And can you blame them? Look at this monster attacking the streets.

@Bbmpadmn look at condition of varthur lake. Will BBMP n BWSSB do something good for city ever? @rk_misra @mdpai05


A few days ago, Varthur lake was foamy. Now Bellandur lake froths. CON CM Siddu can only blame BJP. Zero governance.

Since the uproar on social media, members of the Central Pollution Control Board visited Varthur Lake.

"Today the CPBC team had visited the Varthur lake, they have taken the samples from two-three different places and they would be giving a detailed report on Wednesday on the lake situation. They would be suggesting a short term plan and a long term solution also for this lake," PC Mohan, a BJP lawmaker told NDTV.

"The state goverment's and the Bangalore Development Authority or BDA's laid back attitude has led to this situation," he added.

Dr. Vaman Acharya, chairperson of the state's Pollution Control explained that the froth is nothing to worry about, apart from the bad stench. He also explained that it will take about a year to clean everything up, and that there are talks to set up more sewage plants across Bangalore.