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    A Woman Named Her Baby "Uber" After She Gave Birth In An Uber

    When she couldn't manage to get an ambulance, Babli called an Uber instead. Her driver, Shahnavaz Khan, kept her comfortable as she gave birth in his backseat.

    Last week, while travelling in an Uber in Delhi, 25-year-old Babli went into labour. She had tried calling an ambulance but when she couldn’t get one in time, she decided to take an Uber to the nearest hospital.

    24-year-old driver Shahnavaz Khan tried to get her to the hospital as fast as possible, and provided towels and blankets when she went into labour.

    He drove as fast as he could, but because of traffic, the baby had arrived by the time they reached Safdarjung Hospital.

    Babli delivered a healthy baby boy, whom she decided to name Uber because the driver helped bring him into this world.

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