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    27 Jul 2016

    8 Smol Adorable Penguins Have Arrived At A Mumbai Zoo But You Shouldn't Be Happy At All

    The penguins are used to living in 10° to 15° C, whereas Mumbai's average is 30°. Activists are also unhappy that water to maintain the penguins will cost ₹2.4 crores, while Maharashtra has faced years of drought.

    Eight Humboldt penguins arrived at Mumbai's Byculla zoo early on Tuesday morning, having travelled all the way from Seoul, South Korea.

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    If you watch the video your heart is going to melt and you’re gonna wanna go to the zoo right now.



    Even though the zoo will be taking a lot of special measures to simulate a cold climate, Mumbai usually has an average temperature ranging between 28° C to 32° C, and during the summer it goes into the late 30s.


    Humboldt penguins usually live in a temperature of about 10-15° C.

    A lot of activists have pointed this out as well, although it went unheeded.

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    Apart from the temperatures, criticisms have come from a number of people about the environment the penguins will have to live in, the amount of money (2.4 crores) spent on the water going to be used, and the lack of experts and trainers.

    Basically, there was no reason to do this.

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