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    Posted on 3 Mar 2016

    Two Boys Wrote To Modi About Their Sick Dad, And Now He's Footing The Hospital Bill

    More like Prime Win-ister Modi, amirite?

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    This is Tanmay and Sushant Mishra, two brothers residing in Kanpur, whose father has been suffering from a prolonged asthmatic condition for the past two years

    Via Twitter: @ANI_news

    Their 50-year-old father Saroj Mishra used to work as a tailor till his health started deteriorating.

    The brothers reportedly sent a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in January, requesting his help.

    Via Twitter: @ANI_news

    The letter reads, "We are Sushant Mishra and Tanmay Mishra, sons of Saroj Mishra who's profession is that of a tailor. Our father is in critical condition. So far, some of my relatives and fellow classmates' parents have helped us with our father's medical treatment. But now almost all sources of financial help have stopped supporting us."

    And in less than a month the prime minister's office replied to the letter.

    Via Twitter: @ANI_news

    "We received your letter addressed to the Prime Minister of India. Rest assured that the concerned authorities at the Ursula Hospital, Kanpur will provide your father with the medical attention he requires."

    Kanpur DM Kaushal Raj Sharma then replied to the boys' letter asking that Mishra be taken to Ursula Horsman Memorial District Hospital so that his treatment could be started immediately.

    Via Twitter: @ANI_news

    According to The Indian Express, Sharma said, "In the letter, children had sought medical help. I got the letter from PMO on February 23 asking to do the needful. I issued direction to Chief Medical Officer (CMO) to make necessary arrangements."

    "Saroj is suffering from Asthma. He visited district hospital on Monday and was examined. Medicine has been provided to him for immediate relief and doctors have asked him to visit the hospital next week for follow-up. District hospital has test facility and doctors would conduct the necessary investigation here," CMO Ramayan Prasad said in an EI report.

    When contacted, Mishra said:

    "My sons had written the letter for medical help but we need financial assistance also. We will approach the state government for financial help so that house rent and school fee of the children could be paid. If needed, I will send a letter to PMO seeking the help."

    "After my condition deteriorated six months ago, I stopped going for work. The money we had was spent on my treatment. Initially, our relatives and neighbours helped but for last five months they too have not been in a position to help us. We borrowed money from a money lender for my treatment."

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