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Twitter Loves The Symmetry Of These Five-Year-Apart "Economic Times" Stories On Cyrus Mistry

Whoever did this deserves a raise.

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On October 24, Cyrus Mistry was removed as chairman of Tata Sons, almost five years after his appointment as the first chief of the company who wasn't part of the Tata family.

Punit Paranjpe / AFP / Getty Images

The news has been widely reported by every major news publication in India, including The Economic Times. This was their front page story today:

Twitter user @ananthkrishnan found an insanely symmetrical insight from today's front page and the front page that went up on November 24, 2011, the day Mistry joined Tata Sons.

Brilliant @EconomicTimes front pages, Nov 24, 2011and Oct 25, 2016

Just going to leave them both here in case you didn't get the glaring use of puns. November 24, 2011:

October 25, 2016:

The brilliant use of wordplay, and ET's obvious long game didn't go unnoticed.

Good stuff, guys.