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Twitter Is Obsessed With This "Telegraph" Front Page About The Protests At JNU

"The Telegraph is hitting the bulls eye quite frequently these days."

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Delhi's Jawaharlal Nehru University has been in the news since one of its students was jailed under sedition charges following an on-campus protest. There have been widespread protests by other students and JNU faculty.

Today’s cover of The Telegraph India focuses on the story, and Twitter users can’t stop sharing it.

Great page 1 again,The Telegraph.This pic will haunt us just like the stirring lone Tiananmen protester facing tanks

The story is about how lawyers and advocates began attacking journalists at the Patiala House court, while police reportedly stood by and watched.

A strong (midweek) #ff to one of India’s finest, most neutral, underrated papers The Telegraph. @ttindia


The Telegraph is hitting the bulls eye quite frequently these days. Pleased to see good journalism surviving...

They've done it again. Just brilliant! Take a bow @ttindia

The paper has received widespread praise for its covers over the last week.

The Telegraph: Front page headlines over the last four days. Unputdownable indeed, @ttindia!