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Here's How Twitter Helped Reunite Three Abandoned Children With Their Mother

The children were left stranded at a New Delhi railway station.

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Shukla told BuzzFeed India that he tried speaking to the children but they were unresponsive. Constables of the Railway Protection Force also brushed off his requests for help, so he turned to Twitter.

Can someone help these helpless kids at New Delhi Railway Station near platform 16 entrance


Shukla told BuzzFeed India on the phone that Delhi police took his requests for help seriously after the image of the children went viral on Twitter.

"I called a child helpline, and asked them for help, but all they said was they'd get back to me, after which I decided to take a picture, and ask Twitter for some help. I was afraid that something might have happened to them, so I also tagged the Delhi police and the Home Minister of India Rajnath Singh."

Shukla followed up with the police after he left the station, and found out that the kids were scared at first, and didn't speak to anyone.

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"Teams reached shortly after I left, and the kids were finally found on the other end of the station," he said. "It was only after they were assured safety at the police station, and were given food to eat, did they explain what happened. The kids said that their father had left them at the station, and they were told that their mother would come and pick them up."