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19 Sights That Are Basically Porn For Book Lovers

*Flap flap flap.*

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1. A completely undiscovered treasure trove of new favourites.

2. The books that you've been waiting for arrive on time and they're as glorious as this.

Andre Borges / BuzzFeed

3. A perfect amalgamation of colour courtesy of your favourite graphic novels.

4. This isolated spot, with no interruptions.

6. Or this one, which is basically your own little haven.

7. This cake that would make anyone's day.

8. A new book series to help you mourn the loss of the previous one. / Via

9. A book sale that allows you to fill up the entire cart.

10. The hardcover, leather bound, embodied versions of your favourite series.

11. Variant covers of your favourite series.


12. Libraries that contain enough literature for an entire lifetime.

13. A completely stocked book case that suits every need you will ever have.

14. A quaint, previously undiscovered book shop that you chanced upon.

15. Having your books take over your house...

16. ... And loving it.

17. Anything that will make your book reading experience just a little bit better.

18. Any card like this.

19. And this reading lamp that switches off when you place a book on top of it.

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