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    20 Tumblr Posts That Will 100% Make You Laugh, I Promise

    It's chill, we've all been there.

    1. This horrible, horrible feeling.

    2. This post-exam woe.

    3. This futile battle.

    4. This everyday struggle.

    5. This reasonable validation process.

    6. This unavoidable consequence.

    7. This rebellious response.

    8. This innovative workaround.

    9. This familiar situation.

    10. This unfortunate predicament.

    11. This great deal.

    12. This amazing outcome.

    13. This understandable rage.

    14. This annoying assumption.

    15. This fumbling step forward.

    16. This not-so-sweet disaster.

    17. This unavoidable social situation.

    18. And this sought after one.

    19. This all-too-frequent occurrence.

    20. And this victorious celebration.

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