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31 Accurate Reactions To The India-Australia Semi-Final

"Only in India will a billion people take leave from work to watch 11 people do their job."

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1. This non-threatening *hint* to Glenn Maxwell.

Maxwell your IPL contract now.. #IndvsAus

2. This very real superstition.

Shifted my position to infront of the AC and a wicket fell. Now even though I'm feeling really cold I'm too scared to move. #INDvsAUS

3. This #tbt to AIB's roast.

@AllIndiaBakchod your influence has seeped into World Cup trash talk posters

4. This observation about Indian job priorities.

It happens only in India! - #IndvsAus #Cricket Only in India will a billion people tak...

5. This fan that is helping out, any way he can.

Not claiming credit for this wicket, but...#IndvsAus

6. This match summary so far.

If you're just waking up, we've got you covered. Here's a summary of the match so far:

7. This accurate and intimidating portrayal of the Indian cricket team.

#IndvsAus SIDE BLOG: So who will break the wicket on @twitter first?

8. These inspiring words by Rahul Gandhi.

Australian team goes into depression after Rahul Gandhi wishes them good luck #IndvsAus

9. This message from the Dark Side to all those who don't believe in The Force.

For those who aren't keeping the faith... #IndvsAus Via @JoyAndLife

10. This perfect description of what's going down today.

Love it! #WinIndiaWin RT @sidpatankar God bless whatsapp! SVP #IndvsAus #WorldCup

11. This image of the Indian team coming on to the pitch.

12. This very valid excuse.

Sir, I can't come office tomorrow as i have died ๐Ÿ˜‘. Picture Enclosed #IndvsAus

13. And this extremely honest one.

T 912 - @srBachchan How to apply for leave at office tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜„ #IndvsAus Semifinal @NadkarAmit @PrabirBhatt

14. This fan who is caught up in the heat of the moment.

15. This fan that will do whatever it takes to watch the match.

When boss says you can't get leave for tomorrow #IndvsAus

16. This uninspired proposal.

17. You can take the aunty out of India, but you can't take the India out of the aunty.

The Salwar jersey's are here in Sydney. Took a long while but timely debut. (HT @darshinig)

18. This future prediction of Maxwell's fate.

Tomorrow Glenn Maxwell's condition after the match #IndvsAus

19. This fan who is rooting for a different partnership for India.

Only this partnership can save India now. #CWC15 #IndvsAus

20. This very real reaction after Virat Kohli got out.

21. This representation of the real loser in all this.

22. This image of India's accurate bowling skills.

23. A summary none of us want to believe.

24. The current state of this Indian fan during the first innings.

25. This perfect depiction of India getting its second wind.

26. This apt representation of Dhoni's performance in the match.

27. This fan expecting Australia to win.

"you can catch the bus to Sydney international airport from there." #caption #IndvsAus @HTSportsNews

28. This fan who's not losing faith.

Boss: Come back to office at least now Fan: 329, 329, 329 Boss: You mean, the 3 to 9 shift? Fan: Don't interrupt, I'm praying! #IndvsAus

29. A lot of people suddenly becoming religious.

Me right now.. back to this. #IndvsAus

30. The reaction any Indian has to the statement, "India will lose in the semi-finals."

My Reaction when someone told "India will lose in Semifinal" #INDvsAUS

31. Every Indian at the end of the match.