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18 Indians Who Tried, They Really Tried

It's not a fail if you try really, really hard.

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1. This writer who was just trying to be creative.

2. Omkar, who just wants make sure Sarita knows that he still fancies her.

3. This guy who was just trying to save some time.

4. This guy who wants you to know he's definitely on Facebook.

5. This dad who was sending love to his daughter.

My dad copy pasted the birthday wish from my bank to wish me I can't even

6. This person who came up with an edgy marketing campaign.

7. This architect who was trying to be economical.

8. This person who was tired of getting his flip flops stolen.

9. This dude who wanted a sign that covered all bases.

10. This groom who tried to stay calm through the ceremony.

11. This driver who just wanted to beat the traffic to get to work on time.

12. This father who just didn't want to miss a great photo op.

13. This guy who's trying to be upbeat about life.

14. This sink designer who missed it by just that much.

15. This romancer of the female anatomy who wanted to make a good point.

16. This writer who just wanted to keep his audiences hooked for a whole half hour.

17. This person who thought, "yep, a turd cake is a great idea".

18. And Rakesh.