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This Woman Uses Clay To Make Miniature Food So Realistic You'll Get Confused And Eat It

I'd definitely eat all of it, tbh.

Chennai-based artist Shilpa Mitha a.k.a. Sueño Souvenir has been making a living off creating miniature replicas of various food dishes.

Mitha told BuzzFeed that she works with synthetic material called dry clay. She also mentioned her art involves no baking.

"I was experimenting with paper & clay and one fine day I decided to make myself a pair of burger earrings. It just started there," she added.

"Anything with rice takes me a long time...need to make it one grain at a time," Mitha said.

"I always thought of food as a great art form. I wanted my work to be different and special so I focused on Indian food," she said.

"Luckily we have a wide variety in our country so I keep experimenting with different cuisines."

You can follow Sueño Souvenir on Facebook.