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    This Woman Is Photoshopping Indian Gods Taking Selfies, And It's Freakin' Glorious

    Gods with smartphones? Makes perfect sense, tbh.

    Selfie Gods is a Tumblr blog run by 24-year-old Pune-based designer Adrita Das.

    Das told BuzzFeed that she wanted to mix and match elements of pop culture and medieval paintings. “That’s how it all began, and I thought of selfies with Gods.”

    “I use Photoshop to place smartphones in the hands of Gods and mythological characters,” Das said.

    She explained that she just kept stumbling upon photos which looked like they could be holding smartphones in their hands, added that "It just happened naturally."

    Das started off photoshopping just images, but has recently started making GIFs as well.

    You can follow Das' work on Tumblr and Facebook.

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