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    This Woman Sends WILDLY Absurd And Hilarious Replies To Guys Who Hit On Her

    This is how it's done.

    This is Michelle Silveira, a key accounts manager who currently resides in Mumbai.

    And like most women, in India and around the world, she gets random guys adding her on social media accounts and hitting on her.

    BUT she handles it a little differently than others.

    Her responses to most of the Casanovas are hilarious AF.

    Pretty sure this isn't a standard reply to anyone.

    Silveira told BuzzFeed that she discovered these messages in her "other folder" in 2013.

    Silveira told BuzzFeed:

    Initially I only started responding to multiple unanswered weird messages from randoms because it baffled me how they could keep messaging someone they didn't know and expect a response. And some of them weren't as straightforward as "hi can we be friends."

    I think mostly I didn't understand what they expected to get out of texting someone random so I guess I wanted to see how they would handle getting replies as random as that. I do it mostly to entertain myself when I'm stuck in traffic.