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    This Woman Had An Epic Clapback To A Sexist Coworker Who Thought She Shouldn't Be Promoted Over Him

    "Maybe next promotion! Until then, your analysis report is due tomorrow."

    This is University of California student Azita Rahman.

    She was recently promoted over a male coworker while working at an internship program, and well, he didn't take it too well.

    Rahman decided that she'd had enough sexism in the workplace and replied to her coworker's message with the most epic shutdown.


    Rahman told BuzzFeed that she decided to reply to this message because she has faced sexism in the workplace before.

    After replying to the guy's text, she tweeted her conversation and got thousands of shares from people super done with male entitlement.

    Rahman told BuzzFeed that she deleted the tweet after it blew up because her personal information was being shared without her consent. "I felt uncomfortable that random news outlets were writing about it using my pictures and mentioning what school I attend without my consent."