This Teacher Rapping English Lessons To His Students Will Have You LOL-ing Uncontrollably

It’s pretty effective, tbqh.

1. On January 9, Dainik Bhaskar uploaded a video of what seems to be a guy trying to teach his students English tenses, in the most unique and, honestly, pretty effective way.

2. The enthusiastic young professor rapped lessons and his students followed suit by repeating the rap. TBH, this should be the main method of teaching anybody anything ever.

He also spiced up his performance with a little Bollywood-style dance as well. I assume the students were not expected to imitate those sweet moves.

3. He breaks shit down so beautifully that I think I learned a lot about how to perfectly, and with complete grammatical-correctness, take the pizza.

4. Everyone loved this rockstar-turned-teacher’s tutorial.

5. And wished that their teachers adopted his fly style.

7. Where can I sign up for the next class?

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Andre Borges is a social news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Mumbai.
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