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    Posted on 9 Jun 2016

    This Simple Story About A Sikh Cab Driver's Honesty Is Proudly Being Shared By Thousands

    In case you needed a reminder that good people still exist.

    On June 6, Kolkata resident Rajesh Ghosh uploaded a small heartwarming story about his cab driver, who returned a phone he mistakenly left in his cab.

    In his post, he wrote:

    Got my mobile phone back within an hour of forgetting it in a taxi. The taxi driver not only drove all the way back from Bhawanipur to Moulali (Kolkata) to return the phone, but also refused to accept anything in return when I offered money. He told me "Hum sardar log mehenat se paisa kamatey hai". Yes he is Mr. Katiyar Singh.

    The post has resonated with thousands of people, proudly sharing the post. It has amassed almost 24,000 shares in 3 days.

    Respect, Mr. Singh.

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