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Everyone Needs To Read This Facebook Post About America's Muslims And Sikhs

"My hope is of a better America, where tolerance is not just a word that is thrown around, but actually practiced by every individual."

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Over the last few months, America has seen several instances of hate crimes against members of the Sikh community.

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Most of these crimes are due to the fact that Sikhs are repeatedly mistaken for Muslims, and Islamophobia is a rapidly growing problem in the United States.

In the post, Singh explains that as a Sikh, he does not blame people for hating and misunderstanding his religion. Instead, he believes that "hate does not last, and love, and truth eventually overcome".

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He went on to say:

You think if you intimidate us we will go running 'back to our country' as you heckle commonly, however we will not go back but only dig our heals stronger to prove that not only are we not afraid but we have the resolve to overcome your anger. Our religion provides us the guidance that there is no other, there is no difference, there is no better, there is only divine light which shines in all.

A Sikhs strength lies in their identity, it goes hand in hand with their existence. You might use images of the media to shape your world view through the bias lens, but we use spiritual power to shape our resolve. A Sikh will stay steadfast in a storm because we know the real battle does not rage externally rather internally is where the conquest really counts.