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    This Installation Is Gonna Be Every Mumbaikar's Favourite New Thing To Instagram

    "Love Mumbai, and Mumbai will always love you back."

    Art collective St+art India in collaboration with Asian Paints had been petitioning for their installation, titled "लव Mumbai (Love Mumbai)", which was displayed at this year's Kala Ghoda Festival, to become a permanent fixture in Mumbai.

    St+art India
    St+art India

    The online petition was spearheaded by Humans of Bombay.

    And today, Aaditya Thackeray declared on Facebook that the sign is finally up at the Bandra Reclamation Promenade.

    He also mentioned that "Very soon, another installation is coming up wherein मुंबई would glow at night, design underway."

    "Go get your ‘grams, Bombay."

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